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Awakening Love ~ The Power of Forgiveness with Amber & Luna


September 24, 2021

Sunday Oct. 17 3:00-6:00 p.m. 

“Forgiveness gives us the capacity to make a new start…If peace is our goal, there can be no future without forgiveness.” ~ Desmond Tutu

Women have the capacity to support each other through every major event and transition life may bring our way. Our sisters can laugh with us in the best of times, cry with us in the worst of times, speak truth with love when we need to hear it most, and sit with us in supportive silence when there’s nothing left to be said.

This is precisely why women can tenderly hold space for one another when the moment calls on us to overcome our unresolved grievances and FORGIVE.

Join us for an afternoon of: sisterhood, movement, song, ritual and sharing centered around the process of forgiveness in efforts to build a climate of tolerance, resilience, hope and empathy for a better world. 

We invite all who identify as women to come bear witness to the strength and resilience of the Woman’s Heart and Human Spirit through the process of FORGIVENESS.

Luna and Amber ask that all participants come with warm layers including a blanket and a camp style chair.

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Cost: Sliding scale of $25-$50 for each participant. Limited financial assistance available.


PLEASE NOTE: We encourage pre-registration for all workshops & series classes. Registering in advance guarantees your spot in the class and helps the studio have adequate staffing. If fewer than 5 participants register the event may be canceled. This event is capped at 36 participants. If you have any questions regarding registration, drop-in fees, etc… please email Emily: If you are in need of financialassistance, please e-mail Emily. Requests for financial assistance must be received prior to October 16th.

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