Healing Arts Descriptions of Services


A Traditional Chinese Medicine practice that involves pricking the skin tissues with very small needles to alleviate pain and to treat various physical, mental and emotional conditions. The tiny needles will be placed along specific points (meridians) in the body to address your specific needs. Cupping, Gua Sha, and Chinese Herbal Consultations can also be requested when booking a 60 minute session.

Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture is a great way to experience acupuncture in a peaceful group setting while relaxing in zero gravity chairs.  Acupuncture points along the forearms, legs, scalp, and ears may be used, with folks resting with the needles for 20-30 min. It is suggested to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes, with no strong perfume or fragrances.  Research has shown acupuncture as an effective treatment for chronic pain, headaches, backaches, allergies, insomnia, anxiety, and so much more. It’s first-come first-serve and clients are instructed to sign-up at the front desk upon arrival. You will then be provided with an intake form to fill out. Followed up with a treatment addressing the specific areas you are seeking attention to.  Sliding Scale of $20-$40 per session.

Wednesdays from 4-7pm

Thursdays from 4-7pm

Ayurvedic Wellness Consults

Ayurveda is the science of life offering a body of wisdom designed to facilitate vibrancy and a coming into one’s full potential. This sister science to yoga is an ancient and holistic form of individualized healing based upon the whole person. During a session, your practitioner will help to identify your unique prakriti, determine patterns of imbalance (vikriti), and offer interventions using suitable diet, herbs, aromatherapy, pancha-karma, massage treatments, music, yoga and meditation to reestablish inner balance and harmony.

Holistic Health Coaching

“Yoga of Nourishment” – A Share and Learn Holistic Wellness Group

Beth will be sharing her knowledge and experience with nutrition, essential oils, herbal remedies, self-care techniques and various forms of wellness strategies. We will also be learning from the synergy created through the group’s wisdom. The intention here is for people to come and learn about health and wellness from a nutritional stand-point and to explore the powerful effects of nutrition combined with deep relaxation, meditation and mindfulness practices on our overall health and well being. This would be an opportunity for people to share their appropriate insights regarding nutrition, digestion, and overall wellness as it pertains to nourishment both on and off the plate.  We will look at what is positively fueling your life and how to sustain that so you can nurture and care for your mind, body, and spirit.  We will access and be guided by our intuition to the best of our abilities.  These practices will support us in enjoying our lives more fully.

Integrative Physical Therapy

In a session, clients can expect to receive a detailed assessment to identify impairments which may be contributing to pain or altered function. This can also include screening for injury prevention, balance training, and modifications for yoga postures. After identifying areas of concern, manual therapy (massage, acupressure, active release, Graston Technique, stretching, joint mobilizations, etc) may be used if indicated. Then expect to learn simple, yet powerful movements, self-massage, breathing exercises, traditional exercises, yoga postures, meditation, and/or qigong and tai chi movements to do at home in order to address the underlying cause of pain and altered function. Sessions end with a qigong flowing sequence to optimize energy and vitality while evoking the relaxation response for health enhancement and optimal healing. Clients also have the option to reflect and share about the session to better process and integrate what they have experienced. Because we offer services on a sliding scale (our two self-selected Karma Tiers), Asheville Community Yoga is unable to receive reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid. 

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a manual manipulation of the soft tissues to promote relaxation, release muscle tension, improve range of motion, stress relief, anxiety reduction, and improve one’s overall health and well-being. Various methods of treatment can be incorporated into a session with your practitioner. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled treatment to allow ample time to fill out an intake form and to discuss with your practitioner specific goals for your session. Listed below are a few examples of different styles or methods one can receive in a session.

  • Swedish– A Swedish Massage is generally sought out if seeking relaxation, stress relief, and anxiety reduction. Massage pressure ranges from Light, Medium, to Firm. Long/Smooth massage strokes are also incorporated to help improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Deep Tissue– A Deep Tissue Massage is better suited for those individuals seeking deeper work to help relieve “knots”, alleviate muscle adhesions, and fascial release.
  • Trigger Point– Isolated pressure is applied to an area to help release a “knot”.
  • Myofascial Release– Your body is made up of an interconnected webbing that is called Fascia. “Its the glue that holds us together”. Generally speaking, fascia encompasses your muscles and is intertwined into the belly of the muscle. When an individual has repetitive strain, limited range of motion, and muscle tension it also creates tension in the fascial network. Myofascial Release, targets just that. Gentle/Sustained pressure is applied to help ease muscle restriction and chronic pain.
  • Pregnancy– Specific to pregnancy utilizing gentle strokes to aid in improved circulation, relaxation, swelling reduction, and muscle tension. Bolsters and Pillows are often accompanied during this type of treatment to promote comfort and support. Side-Lying is also an alternative to positioning especially during the 2nd-3rd trimesters. Please Note: When booking a pregnancy massage, book with Meredith Weaver ONLY.
  • Hot Stone– Smooth heated stones placed on the body as an extension of the therapists hands to bring about the relaxation response and ease muscle stiffness and tension.


A Japanese energy healing technique that may or may not include light touch promoting deep relaxation and stress reduction based on the idea that a “life force energy” flows through us.


There are reflexes present on the feet that are a mirror image of the organs, glands and each system of the body. During a session these reflexes are stimulated using specific hand and finger techniques, unique to the field of reflexology. The nervous system begins to send messages to the corresponding body parts, systems and organs to increase energy flow and circulation. Thereby helping to release tension, reduce inflammation, alleviate stress and allow the body to return to homeostasis. Clients are encouraged to wear loose fitted clothing as the practitioner will be working from the knee down to the feet.

Private Yoga Therapy 

Private yoga therapy sessions are personalized programs specifically designed to meet the needs and desires of each unique individual. Our offerings include yoga therapy for anxiety, stress, cancer and trauma with Robyn Tiger MD, C-IAYT, RYT-500as well as yoga therapy for addiction recovery with Margaret Kirschner CSAC, CPSS, RYT500 (C-IAYT), CSES-I. Each 1 hour session combines safe and effective healing movements, relaxing breathing techniques, and calming meditations to achieve optimal health and overall well-being. Coexisting medical conditions and skill level are taken into consideration. Sessions are held in a safe and supportive environment. All sessions are trauma-informed, culturally sensitive and evidence-based. Handouts and recordings are provided with clear and easy to follow instructions for home use to maximize the effectiveness of therapy. The therapist can be reached for support in between sessions to answer any questions that may arise.

Private Meditation 

In private meditation sessions, individuals are guided through the practice of iRest®, an easy to learn accessible form of meditation designed for modern everyday living. iRest® releases stress and anxiety allowing a deep experience of relaxation and ease. It heals unresolved issues and traumas present in the body and mind. iRest® is also profoundly effective in relieving chronic pain.  Individuals will learn how to use the principals of iRest® to feel calm in any given moment. All sessions are trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, evidence-based and held in a safe and supportive environment. Recordings are provided for home use. The therapist can be reached for support in between sessions to answer any questions that may arise.

Private Yoga Instruction 

Private yoga instruction with Wendy Mallet-Lantis provides a one-on-one experience customized for a client’s needs. This may be creating a yoga practice that suits your body’s needs, learning how to modify your yoga practice for safety and comfort given physical challenges, or simply working through specific poses to build understanding and confidence.

Some Health Savings Accounts (HSA) reimburse for various healing arts and yoga therapy sessions. Check with your insurance company to see if you are covered.


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