Healing Arts Tiered Pricing

Asheville Community Yoga Healing Arts is a non profit community focused space that endeavors to provide services, programs, and a sense of community to all.

It is in the spirit of Karma…selfless service, that our Healing Arts prices reflect a self-selected rate for our offered treatments. It is a flexible system of payment that offers a reduced fee for treatments for individuals who cannot afford to pay the average rate for therapeutic services. At this time, the current average cost for most Healing Arts services are $1.00 per minute.

At Asheville Community Yoga, we offer two separate Tier Levels for pricing which are listed below. Please note that some services have special or sliding fees due to the nature of the service and, therefore, do not fall into any Tier, such as Chair Massage which are $1.00/minute. In regards to TIPPING, know that it is not required. However, it is certainly appreciated from the Healing Arts Providers as an offering of gratitude for the services received. If you feel called to leave a tip for your service provider, it can be left at the front desk after your service or given directly to your service provider.

Tier Level 2

This Level is for those who are currently in a better position to pay the average rate for therapeutic services received. Here we continue, amplify and sustain the spirit of Karma Yoga and the community created.

  • 60 minutes $65
  • 75 minutes $80
  • 90 minutes $95

Tier Level 1

Tier Level 1 is priced below the national average cost for therapeutic services. This level is for those who want/need to receive a service, but currently do not have the ability to pay Tier Level 2 prices. Providers are given an opportunity to practice Karma Yoga in the form of therapeutic service, and receivers are given an opportunity to practice Karma Yoga by giving themselves the gift of healing.

  • 60 minutes $50
  • 75 minutes $65
  • 90 minutes $80


We also offer 30 minute sessions for some services. All 30 minute sessions have a base fee of $40.00.


Robyn Tiger: Yoga Therapy Meditation Pricing- $180

(A second adult may be present during treatment at the client’s request for a $25 surcharge to Robyn’s fee. Please let Robyn know at booking if you desire a companion to be present. This will be charged upon arrival.)

The Healing Arts Department has created a pilot program, “Healing Arts Financial Relief Fund”, in the hopes of making Asheville Community Yoga’s Healing Arts Yoga Therapy/Meditation services accessible to individuals that are unable to pay at this time. A portion of the monies received from individuals booking a Private Yoga Therapy or Private Meditation session with Robyn Tiger will be donated to this fund, which will enable a client in need to receive 5 (60 minute) Yoga Therapy Sessions with Robyn Tiger, AT NO COST or LOW COST

 Please Note: The individual selected will remain anonymous.

Individuals that book this service will receive a printed receipt upon arrival that can be used as a tax deduction. 


Financial Contribution Disclosure

$100-Robyn Tiger

$43-Asheville Community Yoga (Staff, Facilities, Utility)

$37-Healing Arts Financial Relief Fund

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