October Blog: Change

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Well…no one needs us to inform/remind you that things are changing. It feels as though EVERYTHING has and will continue to change: from the colors of the leaves on the trees and the cooler temperatures outside to how we buy our groceries and move through the world, from the ways we connect to the people we love to how we show up in the world in way that is purposeful and impactful.

“The only thing that remains constant is change.” ~ Heraclitus

Sometimes change happens slowly and we don’t even notice it’s happened until the process is complete. Other times change happens quickly. Such as when a virus sweeps across the planet and stops life as we knew it in a matter of days, when a loved one dies suddenly, when riots break out in our city streets over night, and when fires, hurricanes and other natural disasters ravage our natural landscape and take every material possession right along with them. When change happens quickly it feels disorienting. It feels scary. It feels like too much to bear.

When change knocks us off our feet and feels as though its taken our ability to breathe away…WE PRACTICE.

BUT…what does that mean, TO PRACTICE?

It means to get still and breathe. It means to feel the breath move in and out and connect to the sensations in your body. It means to stay there as long as needed for your body’s wisdom to inform you of your truth and guide your next action. That’s all.

Your next truthful action might be as simple as taking a drink of water and a little bite of food. It might be to call a friend or pull out your journal and let your words fill ears or pages. It might be to go outside and take a walk in nature or pull out your yoga mat and move through a few asanas. It doesn’t matter what the action is. What matters is that it came from the wisdom of your body, the vessel that contains your life force, spirit, or soul. When we allow our actions to arise from that space from within, they can be trusted. They are safe and the outcome will be beneficial. Learning to slow down, trust and surrender to this process is THE PRACTICE.

So, in a world that is changing so drastically, so quickly, will you PRACTICE? Will you slow down, breathe deep, feel your body and allow your actions/choices to come from the truth and wisdom that reside in you beyond your mind and ego? Are you willing to face and accept what may come up in that space even if it’s counter to all that you’ve ever been taught and all you “think” you know? It’s not easy. Belief structures may fall down. Relationships may take a new shapes. Careers might change. You might be called to use your voice or let yourself be seen by others. Your life will be transformed. Change will occur. It might be scary. It might be painful. Are you willing to do it anyway? This is THE PRACTICE.

We ask because PRACTICE may be the only thing that will save us. Our planet is simultaneously burning and drowning itself. People are hungry, sick and dying. Inequality and injustice are plaguing nations across the globe including ours.

“When no one is to blame, everyone is to blame.” ~ Pope Francis

Will you do YOUR PART?
Will you PRACTICE for CHANGE for ALL?

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