Yoga Teacher Training FAQs

More people every day are venturing down the path of yoga and discovering the mental, physical and spiritual benefits this practice has to offer.The need for qualified guides to direct and assist along this path is greater now than ever before. Let that inner guide in you shine bright as you join us with some of the area’s most qualified teachers on a journey to a deeper awareness of yourself and the world we live in. Explore the next leg of your journey in the safe, nurturing atmosphere of Asheville Community Yoga.

Asheville Community Yoga’s Teacher Training Program offers you the opportunity to learn how to share yoga with confidence and compassion to a broad range of students. In studying with some of the best instructors in Asheville, you will learn the basics of Hatha and Vinyasa techniques and come away with the capacity to experience the benefits of yoga for yourself and the ability to effectively teach this ancient practice to others. You will:

  • Learn to teach safe, effective, powerful yoga
  • Learn to teach a wide range of students
  • Learn alignment, anatomy, breathing practices and meditation
  • Learn yoga history, philosophy and practice
  • Enjoy the satsang of a supportive group process
  • Learn to Teach Yoga Competently and Confidently

Yoga is for everyone and anyone can benefit from it. You do not need to be an athlete or a dancer to do, teach or enjoy yoga. Yoga is a complete human potential technology which leads to physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual expansion. There is a growing demand for yoga teachers who possess a deep self-knowledge and radiate a commitment to service. During this program you will unveil the depths of your spirit in order to authentically hold and transmit this ancient wisdom tradition.

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