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teacher training

Teacher Training

Whether you feel inspired to share yoga with others as a teacher or to simply dive deeper into your own personal practice as a student, Asheville Community Yoga’s 250-hour teacher training program will be a transformative and supportive next step on your path.

Open Registration for 2022 Yoga Teacher Training

Become a yoga teacher and transform your life in the process.

Our 250-hour program encourages a beautiful balance between the self-discovery of exploring your body and self through personal practice, and the outward expression of explaining yoga postures and philosophy to others.

The training invites participants to connect more deeply inward to the self through an educated exploration of their own personal practice, while at the same time radiating outward with more purpose through the multidimensional paths of yoga.

Places to stay around Asheville

Asheville offers many beautiful, comfortable and accessible choices when deciding where to stay. The following listings (rooms, homes, bed and breakfasts, hotels and campgrounds) are recommended as your place to stay while in Asheville for trainings or events. They may fill up fairly quickly so don’t delay in booking your accommodations. If affordability is your primary concern, renting a room in an Asheville home may be a good match. The owners of the homes are people who have a relationship with our comunity.

places to stay in asheville