Truly Donation-Based Yoga—No Minimum, All Love

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All of our classes are offered for a suggested “love offering” of $5-$15 per class and are free for those who cannot afford to pay.  We accept all forms of payment and you are welcome to pay each time you come for class, or set up recurring monthly donations.  Most workshops are $25. Special Event pricing varies based on the event, however financial assistance is  available.  Asheville Community Yoga is funded through generous donations from students, local businesses and organizations. Asheville Community Yoga was built on the foundation of Karma Yoga (action of service with no expectation of reward). Our teachers have requested to be a part of our mission to provide accessible, inclusive, affordable yoga and choose to serve as volunteers in the practice of Seva Yoga, selfless service, considered the heart of the path of Karma Yoga. We are grateful for the wisdom and light they individually and collectively share with our community.


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October Blog: Change

October Blog: Change one needs us to inform/remind you that things are changing. It feels as though EVERYTHING has and will continue to change: from the colors of the leaves on the trees and the cooler temperatures outside to how we buy our groceries and move through the world,...

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