Yoga Etiquette including Children and Groups

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Yoga Etiquette

These tips for yoga etiquette ensure that the studio remains a peaceful space that runs smoothly for all to come and practice in.

Our facilities are operating on a different schedule due to the pandemic. Some classes such as Hot Yoga are not currently offered.

We are a donation-based non-profit, and encourage you to donate for class if you are able. 

Bringing Children to Yoga Classes

We love seeing kiddos in yoga classes!  We have a few guidelines that will keep everyone safe and comfortable when youngsters are attending classes:

  • For Kids Yoga: Parents must remain in the lobby while class is in session, this includes series/workshops.
  • For all classes that aren’t specifically “Kids Yoga” classes please set up in the back row and be ready to step out with your child if needed.  If they are new to attending yoga classes please share with them before class that many people come to yoga for peace and calm and to make sure they are respectful of this.
  • No children under the age of 16 are permitted to attend warm or hot classes.
  • Kids under the age of 10: parents should call in to check before attending the specific class.

    Bringing Groups to Classes

    We appreciate having your group here to practice with us. Here are a couple of things needed before you bring your group in to class:

    • Please call ahead to let staff know that you will be bringing in a group. This way we can help you select the appropriate class for your group type and size. Calling ahead allows staff to set up mats with props for your group, which ensures that everyone has a smooth and comfortable start to their practice.
    • Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start of your class. This will allow time for all new students to be registered in our system, get familiar with the space, use the restroom, and settle in before class begins.

    Here are a few notes to check in with your group about before your visit:

    • Please leave all material distractions in cubbies outside of classroom (i.e.- phones, extra jewelry, keys, toys, etc.)
    • Dress for movement. Clothing should provide modest coverage.
    • Students are encouraged to leave the classroom if they need a break from practice to talk or giggle as to not distract others who are in their practice.

    Asheville Community Yoga Studio Etiquette

    Shirts must be worn at all times during every class we offer.

    Come to your practice free of any and all odors.

    This includes body odor, cigarette smell as well as any perfumes or essential oils that could be distracting or overwhelming to other students during practice.

    Consider leaving your pets at home.

    While it is convenient to leave your dog or pet in the car while you’re in practice, consider extreme weather conditions, specifically heat that could be potentially harmful to them. This also reduces the amount of barking while students are in class.

    Park in designated parking lots and follow parking volunteers’ instructions.

    Please be aware of our marked parking lots. The lot directly next to the studio is reserved for staff members and teachers only. The only exceptions to this are for seniors, pregnant students and kid’s yoga.

    Please arrive on time for class.

    Out of respect for the teacher and others practicing, please arrive on time. Better yet, arrive 5-10 minutes early so you have enough time to use the restroom, set up your mat/ props and center before class begins.

    Please put your phone on silent or leave it in the car.

    It is distracting to both students and staff members to have phones buzzing and ringing loudly in the cubbies. Avoiding this contributes to keeping the studio a calm and relaxing place to be. Cell phones are not permitted in the practice space.

    If mats are set up, please leave them where they are.

    Staff members will set up enough mats for the amount of students that typically come for the specific class you’re coming to. Please leave the mats where they are. If 10 minutes into class there is no one else coming in, then you can move your mat if you would like more space.

    If you like to do your own thing during class, please plan on being at the back of the room.

    It can be confusing to other students when someone is doing something completely different than what the teacher is instructing. We want everyone to enjoy their practice and feel able to personalize it in their own way. Just be respectful of others who are wishing to follow the lead of the instructor at the front of the room.

    If you need to leave early, leave your mat and props as they are.

    Please let a staff member know if you are leaving early. You can leave your props and mat as they are and a staff member will clean it up after class. This ensures you are able to leave as quietly as possible and minimize disruption to other students.

    Care for the props and studio space as if it were your home.

    When you finish a class, please clean the studio mats thoroughly and put all props back as nicely as you found them. This creates an organized and clean space for students to practice in.

    Remember that we are all community.

    Be kind and courteous to one another, to your teacher, and to the staff. Our hope is that you leave feeling better than when you arrived. As you leave, pause in gratitude, for you are part of something very special, and we are honored to have you here.